We Are Nearly Launched

We are thrilled that our new poetry journal, River Heron Review, is nearly launched and will soon be accepting submissions. We are sincere in our desire in having a platform to showcase poetry that is broad in its range and is appealing to a wide variety of readers.  

No doubt there are many of us who love and enjoy poetry. We recognize its value in our lives and in the world. We have favorite poems, fangirl over particular poets (either living or dead); and adore and often envy lines from many works that we memorize, jot down in notebooks, or keep in Google-files named "Fav Lines" folders .

For those who remain unmoved or uninterested in poetry, we believe that perhaps they have simply not come across a poem that resonated with them or a poet who spoke to their emotions. We hope that River Heron Review will entice new fans to poetry and will satisfy those to whom poetry is already a cherished part of their lives.    

~Judith Lagana and Robbin Farr

River Heron Review, est. January 2018

River Heron Review, est. January 2018